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Following any serious incident, thoughts will turn to reviewing how the incident occurred, and how to predict and prevent similar attacks in future. Today, these still have an important role to play in protecting networks from attack. However, they’re limited in their ability to guard against innovative threats, zero-day exploits, rogue insiders and committed communities of cybercriminals.

What Is Prescriptive Analytics?

Morgan Chase spending nearly $600 million each year to strengthen its cyber defenses and in the face of “a constant stream of attacks.” This is not surprising. Research by the Boston Consulting Group has found banks and financial institutions are 300 times more at risk of cyber-attack than companies in other sectors. In a traditional security environment, the analyst must first log into multiple tools to work out what is happening. The analyst uses each tool to view the necessary logs and data to understand the incident. Whilst the analyst might quickly establish that there is a ‘0 day’ polymorphic virus, the tools may not link the endpoint with the user in order to easily trace the phishing attack. In addition, as humans, we tend to focus on what we’re good at and what interests us.

Descriptive analytics aims to provide insight into what has happened; diagnostic analytics identifies why it happened; and predictive analytics helps model and forecast what might happen. Given the known parameters, prescriptive analytics helps users determine the best solution or outcome among various possibilities. The Harvard Business Review defines prescriptive analytics as “the process of using data to determine an optimal course of action. Perspective security is often prioritized to address security risks depending on severity and prevalence and is based on some measure of efficacy utilizing objective and subjective indications. Prescriptive security managed services provide a full security ecosystem that allows for faster threat detection and security results. The proactive approach to safety employs automation and big data analytics to more accurately identify security occurrences.


Organizations are responsible to ensure that their third-party data processors are GDPR compliant. Broadens the definition of a data breach to include unauthorized access to private information. The potential of AI to transform business performance is only now starting to be more widely understood in Financial Services.

What is Prescriptive Security

Further, the rapid digitization across the globe help in accelerating the prescriptive security market. Prescriptive technology helps in identifying and reacting to threats before they occur. In addition, it is based on subjective and objective prioritized and indicators to address security vulnerabilities based on prevalence and severity. Warehouse and Distribution Zebra’s mobile computing, scanning, and printing solutions connect each operational area in your warehouse to give you the agility to realize transformational gains.

Why so many types of analysis?

The employee can then be measured against their documented responsibilities on an annual basis, and it becomes much easier to identify a replacement, whether internal or external when the employee is no longer in the role. Prescriptive analytic models are designed to pull together data and operations to produce the roadmap that tells you what to do and how to do it right the first time. Artificial intelligence takes the reins of business intelligence to apply simulated actions to a scenario to produce the steps necessary to avoid failure or achieve success.

  • In contrast, with prescriptive security, everyone involved can easily be kept informed of the situation.
  • The more data prescriptive security has to protect, the faster it learns from attacks and existing threads.
  • This requires us to have a model of the business process under analysis which enables us to dig into relationships between activities in the process.
  • This will help the companies in reducing the cybersecurity attacks, remediation across complex hybrid environment and automate risk scoring.
  • Here, we’ll examine the differences using the example of a device belonging to the executive assistant of a CEO having been subject to a phishing attack, resulting in a virus.
  • These unknown risks should be communicated to business leaders and board members in the right way, by the right people, equipped with the right facts and information about them.
  • Nonetheless, there are certain roadblocks to market development, such as cost, data security, and laws.

This technology takes advantage of the increased diversity and speed of data to steer identify and respond to dangers before they happen. Nonetheless, there are certain roadblocks to market development, such as cost, data security, and laws. Furthermore, government organizations have certain laws and regulations in place that require all market players to adhere to prescriptive standards; this is considered to be one of the market’s restraints. By 2025 it’s estimated that 463 million terabytes of data will be created every day and that the total amount of data in the world will have reached 175 billion terabytes. Running devices on Windows 10 gives users the option to choose between different levels of prescriptive security configurations.

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Overall, prescriptive analytics can help businesses navigate through complex data and make informed judgment calls in many different types of industries. Indeed, business users may be unaware they are using prescriptive analytics capability since they are likely more concerned about the outcome than the specific analytics technique. The field of prescriptive analytics is growing in popularity as its core techniques have become part of data science and machine learning workflows. Prescriptive analytics is related to descriptive, diagnostic andpredictive analytics.

What is Prescriptive Security

The companies providing workplace as a service solution are adopting effective business strategies such as investment in R&D, acquisition, joint venture, collaborations, mergers etc., to enhance their market presence. For instance, in June 2021, Skybox Security launched new vulnerability prioritization capabilities with prescriptive remediation analysis. This will help the companies in reducing the cybersecurity attacks, remediation across complex hybrid environment and automate risk scoring. • Increasing safety concern and security threats are expected to boost the growth of prescriptive market. • Adoption of advanced technologies that helps in identifying and reacting to the threats before they occur is anticipated to fuel the growth of the market. Criminals also engage in everything from money laundering to violating trade embargos, as well as exploiting the complex and unstable world of international regulations to conduct ‘grey zone’ transactions.

Look to the future: What is predictive analytics?

Without this link, actions to update security at the boundary may not happen quickly, if at all; as a result, more users could be affected. By implementing prescriptive security, the ever more precious human resource of analysts is freed up to focus on higher-priority, actionable scenarios. At the same time, the organization gets better not only at detecting and responding to security incidents but also prescriptive security at predicting, preventing and pre-empting risks and incidents. (Think basic arithmetic like sums, averages, percent changes.) Usually, the underlying data is a count or aggregate of a filtered column of data to which basic math is applied. Find out how the following companies are creating better processes and customer experiences through the prescriptive insights provided by their analytics tools.

What is Prescriptive Security

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When an attack happens, the system creates a protocol of what to do next time when a similar event occurs. And when it occurs, the system reacts immediately, giving no chance for the attacker to do anything. Instead of using the method of analysts’ intuition to implement security measures, prescriptive security uses a different strategy. It’s based on a well-developed plan that can be enforced repeatedly to protect the system.


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