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Thus, online sources seem like the best answer for how to find a programmer for your startup. In these conferences, you can also participate as a speaker and get noticed by the developers. If not, you can also find the right freelancer who is ready to commit and has the required expertise to help you succeed.

What to look for when hiring a software development company?

  • Define project objectives and timeframe.
  • Find software development companies.
  • Check their portfolio and experience in your domain.
  • Make sure they act as a true partner.
  • See if they specialize in what you need.

By analyzing technology adoption levels, you will understand how difficult it is to hire a software engineer with expertise in a particular technology. Knowing this will help you make better decisions when hiring and help you stay within your project budget. The pandemic also normalized and encouraged hiring software engineers remotely, which wasn’t Getting Started as an ASP NET Developer Learning Path LinkedIn Learning, formerly a widespread practice before. While this varies from startup to startup, you typically hire your first developer when you want to solve a problem within your product. For instance, if you need a prototype, an app, or come across some problems that can’t be fixed with no-code solutions, that would be the right time to hire your first developer.

Create a hiring funnel

Researching current salary offers will help you decide whether your budget is reasonable and how many developers you can afford to hire. When considering alternatives, look at country-specific hiring portals to better understand what expectations could be. This is tedious, so I’ll save you some time by listing the most trusted resources for each country respectively. The 2021 report also reveals the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the engineering community and analyses which skills and roles have seen higher demand as a result.

tips for hiring a software developer at a startup

It’s important to hire developers for startups from the right country. Some countries are cheaper than others, but factors like language barrier and timezone are concerns. Ideally, you’ll want to outsource to developers that could communicate in your language, are good at what they do, and don’t come at an exorbitant price. If you’re yet to have a concrete idea of how your app will be, you’ll want to go for the dedicated team model. As the name implies, you’ll be assigned a team of developers who work exclusively on your project.

Define Your Application and The Ways It Works

You can further minimize costs by hiring developers from less competitive regions to work remotely. We will be your partner in building the best development team for your product. Our top-notch developers, programmers, QA testers, and project managers are here to help you develop your MVP.

You can use online code testing platforms such as Codility or Coderpad for presenting custom coding challenges to potential candidates. It will help you find how the candidates approach and solve the problem. When hiring a software developer, one of the most critical factors to consider is examining their portfolios.

How Can Bigscal Help You Hire The Best Developers For Your Startup?

This is just one example of how crucial software is nowadays, and according to different estimates, 25% to 50% of outsourcing projects fail. By doing so, you’ll find the perfect team with expertise in JavaScript, Node.js, PHP, or any other technology you require, and avoid being fooled by low rates. To ensure the right fit, you need to be more selective and diligent in your search. That means preparing a list of questions to ask, defining your expectations, and communicating them clearly. Budgeting is essential because you compete against enterprises with enough budget and resources to spare. They can easily sweep away top talent if your offer doesn’t match theirs.

  • Additionally, we have the best resources to deliver excellent results.
  • Budgeting is essential because you compete against enterprises with enough budget and resources to spare.
  • Most people aren’t aware of their internalized ideas, so you need to have strategies to actively avoid bias.
  • Hire the people you need for your hospitality business now.
  • Where the firm also offers ongoing employment they are commonly known as a Professional Employer Organization (or ‘PEO’).

If it’s a new task for them, ask for their approach, and get a second and third opinion on it if it’s too technical for you to comment on yourself. Either way, ask them to “think out loud” as much as possible for this, and pay attention to their thought process. This can be a good way to glean whether a software developer has illusions of grandeur. And talented techies in Reddit are already taken – usually working for big tech companies such as Google or Microsoft. Remote recruitment agencies like DistantJob specialize in finding remote tech talent for your company.

Outside of referrals, your career site and outreach on job boards are also key. Look for boards that work with remote software engineers in addition to freelance software developers. Many professionals in this role are well equipped to work autonomously. Freelancing websites are one of the most common strategies for hiring software developers for startup businesses. They can be great to use for short-term projects or to boost your team to hit milestones. Many hiring managers make a big mistake and think soft skills don’t matter while hiring software engineers.

But you should also keep up your expectations with the cost of hiring a software developer that you’ll be able to handle. In this blog, we share some of the best startup hiring tips to help onboard ideal software developers. With a limited budget and high tensions, startups can do more by being economical. For instance, instead of dishing out a lot of your budget to recruitment agencies, you can instead invest in a software solution that significantly reduces the cost of recruitment.


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