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RAID technology for lotus notes is a valuable feature that helps to protect information from loss in the event that hard drives fail. It incorporates multiple hard disk drives into a single file system, and utilizes fail-tolerance to rebuild facts in the event that a single drive fails. It’s especially beneficial for businesses which have multiple hard drives and need to ensure their information is always accessible.

A typical raid setup consists of three or two hard disks. Each hard disk has its own data path. The transaction log is divided into smaller files referred to as log extents. These files are usually 64MB in size. The Notes Machine supervises the transaction log.

Raid has been around for decades and is a crucial component of the majority of datacenter systems. But it’s not completely reliable. The entire file system can be rendered useless if more than one drive fails.

Despite its flaws some organizations still rely on raid to protect their crucial data. The most recent versions of RAID, such as erasure coding, are more effective than ever to protect data from loss and provide higher performance. However, they are more than traditional raid solutions.


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