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Norton safe search is a security program from Norton that informs Internet users know if the websites they are going to visit are dangerous or not. This is important because almost every day there are reports of identity thefts and financial assets being taken from computers by ransomware and malware downloaded from dangerous websites.

Norton uses a feedback system to check the Web. Users can evaluate the way websites function and if anything suspicious occurs while browsing these sites. Site owners can also submit their websites for review. If they meet the required criteria and are deemed to be safe, they’ll receive a Norton Secured Seal that lets users know the site is safe and trustworthy.

With the Norton Safe Search extension for Google Chrome, you can get safety ratings that are displayed next to all results of your search in the browser. This gives you complete security against identity thieves, phishing sites and online viruses. The extension is lightweight and won’t slow your computer.

The biggest issue is the fact that Norton’s ratings do not get shown in the results of searches for videos, images, and news. This is a huge oversight given the importance of such results to the user’s experience. It would be ideal to see Norton’s ratings included in the results of search results for ads because they are frequently fraudulent and frauds using phishing. The extension is still worth using to guard against the risks associated with online shopping and browsing.


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