What was it that made a family from Thessaloniki come to Zagori and set up a guesthouse? This was the first question we asked ourselves when we decided to move to the “land behind the mountain” – to Zagori!

Initially it was the land itself and its nature that enchanted us – its unparalleled beauty and the feeling of being one with the environment. Having come many times as visitors, we always wanted to live here.
When we achieved our goal of moving to Zagori, we were enchanted by the people too! They are full of insight and they share a great love for their land. What’s more, we felt a deep respect for the place’s history, which stretches back many centuries.
All these things led us to make a Shelter in Zagori… an “Angels’ Shelter”! A shelter for all those who love nature, good and traditional food and outdoor activities.
On top of this, since 2007 our family has worked in the primary sector, maintaining a model farm for the production and processing of buffalo milk in Sindos, Thessaloniki. The exceptional products of our cheese factory are distributed all over Greece. Greek Mozzarella, Burrata, Kazan-dibi, puddings, ice creams and other high-quality traditional products have been the mainstays of our Family and Farm for over two decades. Of course, you can enjoy all these products at “Angels’ Shelter”!

Come to our guesthouse
and taste the products
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